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Almost a year ago an idea was sparked for a plugin that would make it super easy for anyone in WordPress to build custom blocks. A couple of months later we launched Block Lab. Since then, Block Lab has been embraced by a WordPress community shifting towards and getting used to the new Block Editor (Gutenberg).

Today we take things to a whole other level and launch Block Lab Pro, an even better way to build custom blocks.

Block Lab Pro comes with a bunch of power-user style features, like the Repeater field (super excited about this one), for folk who really want to unleash the potential of the new Block Editor.

What does Block Lab Pro include?
From today, Block Lab Pro includes:

  • Everything in the free plugin
  • The Repeater field
  • The Post field
  • The Taxonomy field
  • The Rich Text field
  • Post Type Conditions
  • Export blocks (import is now in free)

Work on Pro doesn’t end today. It’s really just beginning. We have a solid roadmap of improvements, including a bunch more field types, coming soon.

What does this all mean for the free version of Block Lab on WordPress.org?

The free version of Block Lab is going to continue to get better as well. Every time we look at a new feature, we ask whether or not it belongs in the free version or in Pro. We’ll also continue to improve, harden, and enhance how the free plugin works as the Block Editor (Gutenberg) continues to evolve.

Where can I get Block Lab Pro?

Right here!

We’ve already seen some of the amazing things our Early Access Pass holders are building and we can’t wait to see what will be built in the future. We believe that Block Lab can be instrumental in some of the amazing things the web is going to see built with WordPress.

Speaking of our Early Access Pass holders… you are all amazing! Thanks to Frank, Alexander, Joshua, Fadi, David, Jessica, Gad, Kevin, Davide, Ryan, James, Bennie, Krzysztof, Sjoert, Michael, Susan, Garrett, Han, Ben, Aiwos, Heiko, sarah, Henrik, osamu, Rafa, Dave, ken, wataru, Raj, Matteo, Josh, Mark, Daniel, Joe, Jadran, Keith, jason, geoff, Gerard, Adam, Sinan, Tobi, Meritxell, Johan, Scott, Matthew, Polimedia, Kerch, Christopher, Monji, Phil, Jerry, Frank, John, Nancy, Austin, Bruce, Giang, Brandon, AJ, Nigel, Justin, Chris, Eike, Rob, Scott, Tim, Patrick, Jan, Cameron, Raphael, Marco, Spas, Robert, Michael, Guillermo, Rimo, Bill, Rob, Erik, John, Cory, Thomas, Monique, Thomas, Grant, Joachim, Andrew, Ed, Andreas, Sam, Jeremy, Matthew, Laird, Klaus, Live, Tom, Paul, Tomoya, Ivan, Jeremy, Marcio, Helgi, Oliver, Ehud, Carlo, Jérémie, Corneile, Filippo, Danny, Jo, Matthew, Dallin, esther, Birgit, David, Dinesh, Derrick, Akiko, Arata, Nabeel, Henner, Rob, Tobias, Tomáš, Florian, Björn, Andre, 翔一朗亀田, Adrian, Stewart, Trent, Graham, Ryan, Björn, Rob, Glenton, Sabine, David, Aubrey, Vadym, Roland, Ashley, Food, Nisan, Thomas, Florian, Sam, Tony, Aaron, Dave, Andreas, Armando, Joel, Kennedy, Matthew, Aniruddha, René, Renee, Daniel, Terrence, Sarah, Cathi, Yatin, Red, David, Leho, and Jonathan

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