Custom Blocks Made Easy

A WordPress Admin interface and a simple templating system for building custom Gutenberg blocks.

How it Works

It’s even easier than you think!

❤️ from the Community


There’s been an explosion of plugins building on top of Gutenberg and some things like the work ACF and Block Lab have done seem really transformational for WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg


Sometimes you have to make a bet on the future. This is a pretty safe bet. I just invested.

Chris Lema


Thank you for investing the time and effort to make Block Lab a reality! It’s projects like this that remind me why I love the WordPress community.

Jonathan Wold

A Perfect 5 Stars

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Thank you for this great plugin! It’s perfect for working with the block editor and creating custom blocks.



What a phenomenal plugin! Lightweight and has so much potential.



I wanted to try a beginner method of making custom blocks, and BlockLab was perfect. Clear interface, clear instructions, and everything went smoothly. I got my first custom block working in less than half an hour.



I was pulling my hair out trying to create Gutenberg blocks for Bootstrap 4 components. With this plugin, I can create most of the BootStrap 4 components, add a little styling and launch my website. What a time saver!!!!!!



I’ve just started to use this plugin but man this is a great idea and is executed very well so far. Can’t wait for further development.



The guys do an excellent job and very quickly solve issues related to their labors. I am very happy. Thanks you!



Great work! Love the simple UI and the easy and enjoyable process of creating blocks.



So much better to work with custom blocks and templates for those who don’t want to go the boilerplate route and touch a lot of code



This ROCKS! I wanted to just add the “no related videos” parameter to all my Youtube embeds without the fuss of pasting all that embed code every time and I couldn’t figure out how to change the built-in YT block’s code. With Block Lab, I made my own in only a few minutes! Thanks guys!



Took only a few minutes to achieve. Well done! This is also a remarkable demonstration how the blocks enable developing the entire system.



This is just what was needed for me to start building sites with Gutenberg. Thank you!

Dan Dulaney


Great work, guys! Pretty much ACF for Gutenberg. Really easy to use. Thank you!



THANK YOU… after days of struggling to convert my shortcodes, I stumbled across your site. I can only say that it has saved me from even more sleepless nights. Great product and so easy to use.