Work with our team and do even more with Block Lab

Sometimes the developers and organisations that use Block Lab need more than the plugin. They need some custom work done that either extends the core product or leverages it in a unique way.

This is where we can help!

We have three service areas that we offer to clients around Block Lab and the world of the new WordPress Block Editor.

1. Sponsored Work on Block Lab

We have a roadmap for Block Lab that covers a whole range of features that will make the plugin even better. However, sometimes a feature or two may be planned for later than you need. With Sponsored Work, we can increase resources and shift attention to particular core plugin features and deliver them sooner.

Sponsored work is like a partnership between ourselves and the sponsor organisation and work is conducted at a discounted rate because of the contribution back into the core product.

2. Custom Extensions

Sometimes you need a particular integration. This integration may not be widely needed by the larger Block Lab community, but for you and your team, it’s business critical! With our deep knowledge of Block Lab, Gutenberg, and API integration, we can help you build what you need.

3. Custom Blocks

Block Lab makes it super easy to build custom blocks, but sometimes you just need them built for you.

With all our experience, we’re pretty good at em! 🙂 We can probably help you out here.

Want to talk? Let’s talk!