New Taxonomy Field for Block Lab Pro

Good news today for our Block Lab Pro Early Access Pass holders. You now have access to the Taxonomy field.

The Taxonomy field in the Block Builder

When adding this field to your blocks you can set it to either pull a list of categories or tags.

Selecting Categories or Tags

If you’re building a block that pulls in posts, e.g. a “check out these posts” block, then this field could prove really useful.

This rounds out the Object style fields nicely with the following all now available to Early Access Pass holders:

  • User Field
  • Posts Field
  • Taxonomy Field

Returning the object is now standard for all similar fields types and will be the approach taken moving forward.

Because of the improved UI, the User field is not backward-compatible. Please go to the block UI for every block that has a User field, and click “Update.” There’s no need to change anything on that screen, though.

Also, please select the user again from the user field in the block editor.

Any thoughts, questions, or ideas? Let us know in the comments.

P.s. Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing something pretty cool soon around community.

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