Migrating to Genesis Custom Blocks

V1.6 of Block Lab introduced a migration workflow for users to migrate their blocks to Genesis Custom Blocks. There are a few steps involved, but the processes has been designed to be a simple and seamless as possible. This page includes a few details for people preparing for migration.

Backup your site first!

We’ve carefully built the migration tool and tested fairly extensively. However, whenever making a technical change to your site like this, you should always backup first.

Block Lab Pro subscribers

If you’re a Block Lab Pro customer, we’re setting you up with a free year of Genesis Pro, so that you can enjoy all the same Pro features in Genesis Custom Blocks.

Your Genesis Pro subscription also gives you access to a range of other Genesis products. You can learn more about those here.

Migrating your Blocks with Pro fields

The Block Lab plugin (version 1.6 and above) has a migration tool that handles your migration to Genesis Custom Blocks. This same tool handles both blocks built using the free features of Block Lab as well as those from Block Lab Pro.

For sites that have an active Block Lab Pro license, during migration you will see an additional step at the start that will prompt you to set up your Genesis Pro account (if you have not already) and then add your Genesis Pro license key. Doing this will allow you to easily migrate your blocks without losing your “Pro” functionality.

It’s important to know that you will need a Genesis Pro license key in order migrate and continue using the equivalent features found in Block Lab Pro.

PHP API and Hook Compatibility

Genesis Custom Blocks is designed to be a replacement for the Block Lab plugin. Using Block Lab’s built in migration workflows, the vast majority of users will be able to transition to Genesis Custom Blocks without needing to make any manual changes.

However, if you’re using Block Lab’s built in action or filter hooks, or if you’re using the PHP API, you will need to update your code. More information on hook compatibility and PHP API compatibility is available in the Genesis Custom Blocks Documentation.