Classic Text

The Classic Text field creates a text editor option for the block suitable for formatted blocks of text. You can include bold, italics, code, and strikethrough text as well as links and inline images in the familiar classic style.

This field type is exclusive to Block Lab Pro.


  • Help Text: Instructions to describe the data needed in the field.
  • Default Value: The default value for this field when adding the block.

PHP API Controls

  • name
  • label
  • control
  • type
  • order
  • help
  • default

Template Usage

To display the Classic Text field in your template, use the field name you provided.

<?php block_field( 'pets-story' ); ?>

Example template file /blocks/block-block-lab-example.php

// Block Lab Example Classic Text Field
<h2>Pet's Story</h2>
 <p><?php block_field( 'pets-story' ); ?></p>

To use the block with the Classic Text field on your site, locate it in the blocks menu.

It will then display within your post/page.

And on the front-end of your site.