Block Lab Pro

Early Access Pass

Lock in a lifetime 75% discount and access Pro features early.

Unlock and Unleash Gutenberg

A custom block building experience perfect for agencies and freelancers.

Block Lab Pro is launching mid-2019 and an early access pass will give you some serious savings while helping kickstart the project.

Get Your Early Access Pass $399 $99
Lock In a 75% discount for life

Save with Early Access and lock in a discounted annual license for unlimited sites. $399 $99

Import / Export

Take your custom blocks wherever you need them. This Pro feature is ready now for Early Access pass holders.

Beta Access

Trial, test, and help guide how Block Lab Pro is built through beta releases.

What’s Coming

We’re building a suite of enhanced tools and features for those that need Block Lab to go that bit further.

New Fields
  • Repeater Field
  • Post Object Field
  • oEmbed Field
  • Color Palette Field
  • Date Field
  • Time Field
  • Map Field
  • Code Editor Field
  • User Object Field
  • Menu Field
  • Field Upload Field
  • Gallery Field
  • Video Field
New Features
  • Block Alignment Controls
  • Block Sizing Controls
  • Field Conditions
  • Block Conditions
  • Validation Rules
Repeater Field field
Field Conditions feature
oEmbed Field field
Button Group Field field
Color Palette Field field
Block Alignment & Size Controls feature
Date Field field
Time Field field
Map Field field
Code Editor Field field
Post Object Field field
User Object Field field
Menu Field field


What does my “Early Access Pass” get me?

Your Early Access Pass means you get a massive discount on the Unlimited sites level license once Pro is released. You also get early access to some of the Pro features as they’re developed. Your Early Access Pass purchase also adds support and resources behind Block Lab meaning we can accelerate development of the Pro plugin and the services around it.

So what will Block Lab Pro, when it’s released, actually Include?

Block Lab Pro will include features that make it even more powerful. Features like the repeater field, block & field conditions, alignment controls, button group field, post/user/menu object fields, will mean anyone wanting to craft dynamic and powerful custom blocks (freelancers and agencies) will have all the tools they need. Block Lab Pro licenses will also include premium support and updates.

When does my Early Access Pass license start/finish?

Your Early Access Pass license will last for 1 year from the date that Block Lab Pro is launched. For example, you purchase an Early Access Pass today, but Pro isn’t launched until October 1st. Your license will run from October 1st, 2019 to September 30th, 2020.
If you choose to renew your license after the first year, you will continue to only pay $99 each year. A reward for backing and supporting Block Lab in its early days. 🙂