Block Lab Pro – Early Access

Block Lab Pro is coming mid-2019.

We’re hard at work on it right now. Block Lab Pro is going to take the best of the free plugin (which will continue to get better) and power it up with features that make it the perfect tool for agencies and freelancers. The features we’re building, as well as the premium support, will bring massive efficiencies to site-build workflows around the new WordPress editor.

Today we’re launching the Early Access Pass – A pre-purchase that gives you early access to some of the Pro features as they’re developed in the coming months, as well as locking in a lifetime discount on the annual unlimited site license.

The Early Access Pass includes:

  • A locked-in lifetime saving on the annual license for unlimited sites. $99 instead of $399. That’s 75% off for life.
  • Access to a handful of Pro features that will be made available before Pro release. This includes our Block Import / Export feature which is available right now.
  • A big high-five and thank you from us for being awesome and supporting us as we build and launch Block Lab Pro.

The Early Access Pass is a way for us to accelerate towards the launch of Block Lab Pro. The funds we generate will be reinvested to help ramp-up development and lay the foundation for our premium plugin and service.

Check out the Early Access Pass page for more details including Block Lab Pro features as well as a few FAQ’s around licenses etc.

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    1. It’s actually pretty easy to just change one line of code in Block Lab and get all the Pro features. In fact, we chose not to try to obfuscate it in any way.

      All you have to do is open the php/class-utils.php file, find the is_pro() function, and change the code to return true;.

      Please be mindful of this trick, though, because if there are any updates to Block Lab, that file is automatically replaced and you’ll have to make the change again.

      We’re working right now on an equivalent to Block Lab at WP Engine. It will be fully cross compatible and will include a migration step, so any work you do right now in Block Lab will be able to be migrated to the new plugin once it’s ready.

  1. Should I be worried about using Block Lab for future projects? Should I just switch over to ACF blocks because it feels pretty uncertain about using the PRO features at this point.

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