Black Friday Sale & Supporting WP&UP

Hi friends.

Yes, we are running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. 🙂

The short and sweet of it is:

  • 25% off all Block Lab Pro plans
  • Discount is for the first year. Second-year and onwards renew at the normal prices
  • Sale starts now
  • Sale ends next Tuesday
  • Coupon code to use at checkout is blackblock

Supporting WP&UP

The other big thing is that for all sales made during the event, we will donate 10% to WP&Up.

WP and UP

WP&UP is a charity that supports and promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community.

The WordPress community is made up of freelancers, consultants, web developers, designers, agencies and many more, who work from home. Without the normal in-office interaction with colleagues, the work from home model has the potential to impact the individual negatively from a mental health perspective.

Following a WP&UP survey, 64% of respondents stated they felt “mental health” was an area in which they wanted additional support.

With over 7,500 of support hours provided and 6,300+ attendees at their events, WP&UP are doing an amazing job.

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