About Block Lab


We’re Luke, Rob, and Ryan.

We’ve built Block Lab because we believe that custom blocks should to be accessible to everyone. From experienced devs to newbie site owners, we want Block Lab to be a solution to the “I just want a block that does X”.

Just like the new WordPress editor, aka Gutenberg, the Block Lab plugin is in its infancy. We’re working hard on adding features that we believe are needed for people to pick it up and find value.

We’re also working on adding power-user features that we will be offering sometime in early 2019 under a premium model. Stay tuned for more news about this.

We also think that the new WordPress editor is going to open up things we haven’t even yet thought of. WordPress and the way we build websites (and more) with it has changed, and we’re excited to be part of the community that will uncover this.

If you want to contribute to Block Lab, be it with feedback, code, questions, or bug reports, you can engage with the project over on Github.

We hope Block Lab helps you with what you want to build with WordPress. 🙂